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Currently , mobile App development is one of the most successful trends in the world. Mobile Apps are developed as part of a prosperous business with the objective of providing technical and competitive advantages, while also serving as a powerful marketing channel.

Thus, opportunities are so extensive for mobile app developers because apps represent an opportunity to build demand for a product or service. As a marketer, you can let your imagination flow to create an App, but businesses need to keep in mind that it should have a direct and clear marketing purpose.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Applications have great potential as interactive and segmented media. To begin with, mobile Apps should be established with a definite marketing goal. So think about it as both an interactive, innovative and a leading generation tool.

Developing something helpful and free for your target audience will make it easier to connect with new users. Analyze and identify an effective way for the marketing function activation, so it is not just about advertising your product in the application.

Purposeful Apps

If you are thinking about developing an App as part of your marketing strategy, here are some tips that will help you define a mobile application as marketing tool for your business:

Useful Apps:

People want to use time wisely. Think about some tasks that can be solved over long periods of time, while in traffic jams and long queues. An App can be constructed to allow people to spend their time wisely. Study your potential clients to find out what they would like to do on their own downtime.

Applications as assistants:

Most people like to learn about something new and want to systematize their actions, so mobile assistants are a great choice for marketing your business.

Media applications:

They deliver content directly to users, making them a great passageway from all types of websites. If you have a solid online audience or popular communities in social networks, media applications would be an excellent fit for you to deliver engaging digital experiences. An original idea is necessary in order to catch people’s attention to encourage them to install it and use the app. Applications for planning. A great part of an applications usage are mainly determined by people who want help on setting goals, tracking progress and analyzing the results. Time-saving applications. Everybody wants to save time and anything that will help you accomplish that goal will be a great marketing instrument for your product or service.

A Look at Conversion

Now what? If you already have developed your application, its the moment to evaluate its results. When an engaged user converts on a specific goal, real conversions happen in an in-App, where you can gain extra content and subscriptions for your app, allowing mobile app conversions to go beyond downloads. But as wide as mobile App trends have gone, the conversion rate has not yet been settled. Different insights have been analyzed and show that the conversion rate depends on several variables related to the brand and the App segmentation.

A good start for marketers is to set their ideal conversion rate based on their business goals by creating effective engagement strategies to increase those conversion rates. Here are some tips you can follow: classify your top 5 most critical actions and conversion rates; identify your lowest conversion rate and target it as the baseline; and generate tactics to improve the conversion process.

Engagement and loyalty are the top two elements that you should look for, because engaged users convert at higher rates and add value. That will lead you to the in-app user experience, making it easy for people to do want you want them to.

Look at the big picture: the mobile phone industry is just one channel! The context of your business plan is essential. Analyzing that and your customer engagement will help you improve the App conversion rate, but will also help create a more valuable App and a stronger marketing channel for your brand.

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